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My Impact Women Story - Shiloh


Have you seen all of our ads, perhaps even been invited, yet still have reservations because you aren’t sure what you would be walking in to? We figured there was no better way to describe it than for you to hear the stories from some of the women who attended. Below, our friend Shiloh Lucier from Montana shares her story.


Each time I have received an invitation for a women’s conference two pictures came to mind. I imagined one of I would find one of the following;

- A gathering of hysterical liberal women throwing temper tantrums, because they wanted more legal rights.

-OR a gathering of self-confident conservative women telling me I wasn’t “Proverbs 31 enough.

Neither of these were ever appealing to me, they both screamed “you won’t fit in our box.”

These are the reasons I often decline invitations to women’s events. I am not interested in either of these scenarios.


I went because I had a friend insist- a friend I had not seen since high school. She invited me, and I missed her, so for some crazy reason, I made the trek to Nevada from Montana. I fully expected to see one of the pictures in my mind on full display.

However, I found myself sitting in a room full of women; women who did not share the same fashion. They did not have the same likes or dislikes, nor the same political or even religious views.

But they all sat TOGETHER that day…. hundreds of women adjusted their normal routines, hired a babysitter, some traveled across states, and they all came together.

I had to ask myself WHY? Why are they doing this? Because they are hysterical liberals or self-confident conservatives?

I found myself :

  • challenged by speakers.

  • dared to start taking responsibility for my own choices.

  • called to move into action- to not point the fingers at my past or present circumstances.

  • given confirmation that I am loved in my “right now” instead of my “someday”.

  • given the gift of knowing my life had worth- I only needed to accept it and step into action.

Impact Women helped me to realize that inside every woman there is a story, and behind that story, there was often a wound.

This sets them apart from other conferences. Instead of saying, “what’s your problem” or “fix your problem” they lead with a posture of “what’s your story?

I found that too many women, like me, have gone their entire lives without being asked this vital question.

And I am a different person today because I attended that conference.

Our hope is that whatever picture you have in your mind, that you might be willing to take the risk and check us out. We would love to spend the day with you.

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