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Is Silence Really Golden?

If you were to visit my head you would hear this very real wrestle. Sometimes I just need to get out of my own head.Break the silence or the broken record noise.

BUT” it feels hard sometimes because I can easily get in my own way with these limiting beliefs:

“They’ve heard it already.”

“I have nothing new to say.”

“It has already been said.”

“What makes you think they want to hear from you?”

“Let her say it. She can say it so much better.”

They say “silence is golden.” Is this really true? They say, “use your voice.” Why? Does it really matter?


It costs us to be silent. I know for me, I can start to feel isolated and a bit fraught with feelings. I start to believe some of the most ridiculous things about myself and others. I have a few key people in my life who I trust to help me break the silence with what I call, “sanity checks” just to make sure I have a place to speak out my “crazy making” thoughts. I am grateful for these people in my life. They help me look at reality. The reality of who I am and who I want to be. They help me spot the “lies I am buying” and help talk rational sense into my weakness.

You see voices are unique and rich with so much history; even if we are talking about similar things it is going to come out and across so very different. I am becoming convinced slowly but surely that my voice matters even in the sea of voices.


So does yours! Even the same things that we have heard other women of Impact say will sound distinctly different as it escapes our heart and mind and intentionally leaps from our lips.

I determined specifically this last year I was going to step into each moment God entrusted me with, using my unique voice to encourage, speak truth and challenge people to take action to become all that God intended for them to be. It continues to be a wrestle sometimes as I engage the work of busting these limiting beliefs and breaking through my self imposed silence.

Ladies, your thoughts, creative ideas and stories can be a catalyst for someone else's transformation. What keeps you from sharing?


Your unique voice matters. My voice matters. Let’s use our voices to help one another.

Written by: Tammy Claughton

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