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Freedom is Her Story - Redemption is Her Song

She didn’t look like all the others.

The roots of her story required attention early on. While the others were standing and growing, she was laying, face down, waiting to be saved. For years, hope seemed lost, growth seemed impossible, and she wondered how long?

  • How long would she be nurturing these roots?

  • How long would it take for the ancient ruins to be restored?

  • How long would her thirst remain unquenched?

  • How long until she, like the others, could stand tall with branches blowing freely in the wind?

While she watched everyone with their standing posture, her face-down posture seemed silly.

Nevertheless, she patiently endured the seasons; spring, summer, winter, and fall.

Through them all, she sensed Him near her, breathing life, slowly quenching her thirst, sustaining her. He gently removed the stones, and slowly pulled away that which wrapped around her roots, threatening to keep her from flourishing.

Life had planted her in a wilderness far from water. While she lay face down, beneath the surface of the earth, He invited her, He beckoned her, and His voice guided her roots to stretch far beyond the wilderness, to streams of living water.

And finally, a new day dawned.

Above the surface, with roots drinking deeply from a stream that never runs dry, she began to grow tall, stretching taller than the trees around her. Her branches raised high to praise the One who restored her during those days in the deep, while she laid on the earth, nurturing her roots.

She is now flourishing.

And, her crooked trunk tells the story, bears the testimony of the season He met her, face-down in the dirt, and gently guided her roots to the stream. When you stand near her, you can feel the breeze, which is said to be the breath of God, constantly surrounding her. She, now, dances with the wind.

Freedom is her story, redemption is her song.

Written By Sunny Cain

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