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Courageous Endurance

This season has all the feels. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and no matter where I’m sitting on the roller coaster, fear is right next to me. I can remember the first time I mustered up enough courage to ride on a roller coaster. I was 8 years old. There was always something alluring about roller coasters. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. But inside I was terrified to ride one. How could something going so fast be able to keep me safe? I’m not sure what prompted me, but in a moment of impulse I decided to ride one, and jumped in line. As I stood in line with my sweaty palms, I doubted my decision. Fear was standing right next to me. And it sat with me until the moment I was plunging towards the ground. I got-my-brave-on that day. I put action to my courage instead of letting my fear defeat me. The funny thing is, I often don’t think I can have fear and courage at the same time.

If I am afraid, I am paralyzed in the moment. I can’t move forward. But here’s the thing. Fear and courage; they go together.

Speaker Megan Dredge once said, “Courage is the right action in the presence of fear.” It’s choosing not to let fear stop us. In my roller coaster moment, I chose not to let fear stop me. Otherwise, I would have missed out on one of the most exciting moments in my childhood. Fast forward to the current season. We are surrounded by fear. The hardest part about fear is having to wake up the next morning and face it all over again. We wake up each morning hoping that everything that is happening will be over. But instead we wake up only to face the fear of the unknown. Will things get worse today? Will I lose my job today? Will this be the day I encounter the virus? How am I going to get through today?

Instead of just trying to get through this season, what if we put courage to our fears? What if we decided to make the most out of this time?

You and I...we were created for such a time as this. We were designed for this moment, this exact season. We can still use who we are, and the gifts and abilities we have to encourage others. To help others feel loved and seen. There are going to be tough days. I get it. This season isn’t easy for me either. I have struggled. But I know I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. I can cling to hope because I have been in deep, dark moments that seemed endless. Season like this one, where I lost so much. The world needs you. Tough day or not, you were meant to be exactly where you are. So take that step. Start that climb. Face your fear. And fight back with the courage God gave you. You might feel like you’re plummeting to the ground at times, but John 16 tells us: “Take courage…I have overcome the world.” He who has equipped you with courage will give you the strength to rise up.

Make the most of this time by being who He created you to be. You are a beautiful masterpiece. And the world needs you!

By Laura Ricks

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