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Condemened by a Lime

There it sat at the bottom of my purse: green, bright, and accusing, as I stood in the produce section of the grocery store. The condemning thoughts racing through my head were full of reproach. I reflected upon the ramifications of discovering this lime nestled surreptitiously in the bottom of my bag. NOW YOU DID IT... THEY SAW WHAT YOU DID... THEY THINK YOU TRIED TO STEAL THAT LIME... YOU PUT IT IN YOUR PURSE, SO WHAT ELSE MIGHT BE IN THERE? GUILTY! I quickly put the lime in my cart with the others as I frantically searched through every pocket of my purse for any other stowaways. I remember how I allowed the negative thoughts to continue contaminating my mind as I desperately searched for the freedom in knowing that nothing else would be exposed. After experiencing this moment of anxiety, I came back to my senses and realized that I just had allowed myself to be condemned by a lime. Anyone in their right mind would have understood that it was an accident. They would have seen how I remedied the situation by returning the item to my cart. Why did I allow these condemning thoughts to even enter my mind when I know perfectly well that condemnation doesn’t come from God? Well, I know why. When I was sixteen years old I attempted to shoplift cosmetics from a drug store just three weeks after I committed my heart to Jesus Christ. Thankfully, I was caught. After the shame I experienced, I never stole again. Through this journey, I mistakenly thought God couldn’t forgive or love me. I regretfully decided to end my relationship with Jesus. Fortunately, He continued to pursue me until I came to understand that His love and forgiveness have no limits. Today, I’m perfectly clear that I’m forgiven. Here is a quote from the Bible that helps me to understand the depth of forgiveness that God provides: “ONCE AGAIN YOU WILL HAVE COMPASSION ON US. YOU WILL TRAMPLE OUR SINS UNDER YOUR FEET AND THROW THEM INTO THE DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN!” Because of my choice 32 years ago, condemning thoughts seep in and contaminate my thought process when I least expect it. This is why I allowed myself to be condemned by a green, bright, accusing lime. During these moments, when I come to my senses and realize what I’m allowing, I recite the following from the Bible: “THEREFORE, THERE IS NOW NO CONDEMNATION FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN CHRIST JESUS…” There is such power in these words! There is no condemnation because of my relationship with Jesus Christ. He has forgiven my mistake made three generations ago and has thrown it to the bottom of the ocean! It’s gone forever. I’m so grateful that God does not remind us of past faults. Instead, He provides us with grace and mercy when we make mistakes! Have you ever allowed condemning thoughts to enter your mind? How do you change negative thoughts that attempt to contaminate the truth? Written by Holly Hall

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