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Building Serious Trust with Myself

I recently read a book by Rachel Hollis called Girl Wash Your Face. Maybe you’ve heard of it as it’s a smashing success. It’s a stinking fantastic book if you really want to give yourself a good kick in the pants … something I find is always welcomed. In one of the chapters Rachel gets real about how many promises she has broken to herself. This really struck me because I realized that I do the same dang thing! If you’re anything like me, you know every New Year’s resolution you make will have some sort of clause about getting healthy. I’ll be honest; I’ve made leaps and bounds in this area as someone who really used to struggle with my body and weight and eating. It never fails that a New Year will bring a new opportunity for me to zero in on what I need to do to get myself more focused on my health. HERE IS THE PROBLEM. I DON’T FOLLOW THROUGH. Well, that’s not entirely true. Almost every single day until at least lunch I am on my game! And every single Monday is a new start… again. I finally realized that if I ever want to end the cycle of starting over again and again, I need to stop quitting! I mean, how simple does that sound? Even now, even as I step into what I know I need to do, it’s almost as if I’ve set myself up to fail because of how many times I’ve broken this promise to me. Rachel points out that if a friend of ours canceled on us as many times as we cancel on ourselves, we probably would stop being friends with that person, right? Where is the confidence and trust in the friendship if you are always waiting for her to back out or drop off? The same is true with the promises and goals we set for ourselves. I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I’M READY TO BUILD SOME SERIOUS TRUST WITH MYSELF AGAIN. Here is my plan: I found an accountability partner. She scares me a little because I know she’s going to hold me to my best self. We’ve set a goal that we’re going to walk out together. I’m leaning into her and her belief that we’re going to be able to do this! I mean, I know she’s able to believe. I’m not there yet. I’m planning on borrowing a little bit of the confidence she has because of her success to bolster my confidence in my own success. I know that whether we think we can, or think we can’t … we’re right. I learned that in Kindergarten and it’s no less powerful today. So as you set out to achieve your goals for this New Year, I encourage you to intentionally build trust with yourself. Do more of the things you say you’re going to do. Follow through. God knows that never hurt anyone. I trust you won’t regret it. By Wendy Cunningham

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