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We are a catalyst, inspiring, & equipping women to impact the world

by helping to unleash their potential as they step into a life of limitless possibilities

Meet Sunny Cain

Sunny is a catalytic communicator with an infectious love for life who loves empowering people to courageously pursue their dreams. A dynamic leader who engages people with her authenticity, humor & courage, Sunny inspires others to rise up in their health, potential, and faith. A big dreamer herself, Sunny’s messages of hope and purpose awaken the potential inside of her audience and are rallying a generation to take action.  Sunny is a speaker, coach, friend, and strategist, and the founder and CEO of Impact Women. She and her husband Paul awaken adventure in the lives of others as they engage in a life of crazy fun with their four kids. 

Founder and CEO

What Sets Us Apart

We Believe....
  • ...every woman has a story that matters and while stories are often messy, they are worth sharing.

  • ….women can make an impact in the middle of their story, not only at its completion.

  • ….life change can happen around an ordinary table. And at our table-we just keep adding chairs. Everyone is accepted. Everyone belongs. 

  • …...women often feel the pressure to live like they have something to prove.  And this is a “hell no” on our watch. You have nothing to prove and nobody to impress- you are already her! 

  • …. God is accessible, approachable, and urgently present- & we know that sometimes religion and people can get in the way of women experiencing this truth.  

  • ….“breakthrough starts with me”- our teachers are brave story tellers who “GO FIRST”. We do not ”talk at” people...we are all in this together!

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Our Team

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