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We are a catalyst, inspiring, & equipping women to impact the world

by helping to unleash their potential as they step into a life of limitless possibilities

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Impact the World

You have something unique to offer this world.

You carry the very image of God in a world that is crying out for Him.

There is someone out there who needs to hear YOUR story. 

You can make an IMPACT right where your feet are.

The time is now for the Daughters to Rise & the Lionness to Roar

We Believe...

...every woman has a story that matters and while stories are often messy, they are worth sharing.

...women can make an impact in the middle of their story, not only at its completion. change can happen around an ordinary table.  And at our table - we just keep adding chairs. Everyone is accepted.  Everyone Belongs.

...women often feel the pressure to live like they have something to prove.  And this is a "hell no" on our watch.  You have nothing to prove and nobody to impress - you are already her!

...God is accessible, approachable, and urgently present - & we know that sometimes religion and people can get in the way of women experiencing this truth.

..."breakthrough starts with me"-our teachers are brave story tellers who "GO FIRST".  We don't "talk at" people...we are in this together!

She Chose Today

Something magical happens when you gather women in authentic community. At our events you can expect to find a diverse group of women with different backgrounds, beliefs, goals and dreams, all gathered on the common ground of being women capable of making an IMPACT with our lives. 

The Impact Collective is a collection of women from all backgrounds and beliefs who gather around a table in community each month. We champion each other's dreams and inspire one another to take action.  At our table, everyone is invited, and everyone belongs.

Read the Blog

Impact Women is more than a gathering, it's a movement! It's a way of life; a decision to bring your whole self to the table & an invitation for others to do the same.  Through our blog we focus on sharing the real stories of women, just like you, in hopes of connecting with your heart & helping you realize you are not alone and not the "only one."  

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